Stakeholder engagement

The systematic engagement of stakeholders plays an important role in the success or failure of a company’s CSR strategy. As a company’s reputation lies in the hands of its stakeholders, stakeholder engagement is no longer optional.

Stakeholders can have different roles as well as different responsibilities. A stakeholder can be a person, a group or an organization which has an interest or influence on a business or someone that can be affected by a company’s activities.

There is no fixed list of stakeholders, the mapping of relevant stakeholders depends on various aspects: from a company’s geographic location, the nature of its business activities/projects, anticipated impacts, to the stage of a business project.

Why and how to engage and communicate with your company’s stakeholders?

Does your CSR program reflect your company’s stakeholders’ expectations and preferences for corporate behavior?
Does your CSR program manage to capture the value that derives from the stakeholder engagement?

How easily can your company report the benefits or the challenges of its stakeholder engagements activities?

At CSRium, we can help your organization identify its stakeholders’ needs and the complex network that connects your company and other internal or external parties through:

  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Stakeholder prioritization (influencers, key-stakeholders etc.)
  • Establishing relevant material issues
  • Plan and monitor your engagement activities
  • Assessing the results
  • Communicating the results in a transparent and meaningful way