Human Rights Impact Assessment

A Human Rights Impact Assessment is an analysis that helps determine the human rights risks and opportunities that are present in a business operation.

A HRIA can help a company understand if, when and where exactly a company’s activities begin to infringe on human rights. A Human Rights Impact Assessment can be tailored to a company’s specific factors such as industry, business strategy, risk profile, culture etc.

Performing an HRIA can help your company to better:

  • Manage reputational , operational, legal and financial risks
  • Identify and maximize business opportunities related to the protection of Human Rights
  • Respond to stakeholders expectations and pressure
  • Retain and motivate employees
  • Show brand value
  • Demonstrate management standards

At CSRium, we can help your organization conduct a Human Rights Impact Assessment by:

  • Human rights risks and opportunities mapping /analysis
  • Drafting the organization’s human rights policies and strategy
  • Engaging with relevant stakeholders
  • Supply chain human rights impact assessment
  • Developing a grievance mechanism that addresses human rights issues
  • Assessing the human rights risks and impacts
  • Developing mitigation action plans
  • Creating a continuous due diligence process
  • Tracking performance: monitor and follow up on challenging issues